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Specialty Yoga

To connect your breath and body together, flow from one asana to another. increased flexibility, mental focus, cardiovascular conditioning, calorie-burn and muscle development.

Yoga Stick

A yoga stick is a designed to help to release muscular tensions in the body, realign the body axis, correction of postures, and also an effective tool for correct alignments of yoga poses. Yoga stick can be used for therapeutic purposes to ease spinal issues such as scoliosis, back pain, and stiff neck and shoulder. 

Yoga for Shoulders & Hip Mobility

With the help of wall ropes, Straps and other fun things to explore the range of joints and  look into the fluidity of body movement to enchance the health of our glenohumeral joints and hip joints, knees, ankles, toes etc. The best class for those who sit long in front of computer desks.

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